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Home School

Home Schooling Curriculums

A lot of people think that homeschool materials are just for homeschoolers, and nothing could be further from the truth. Homeschool simply means that a portion of your child's education is delivered in a home environment - It's like private schooling supplements for your child. Our clients range from those who's children attend regular school and who need a subject "booster" - to those that study at home fulltime. We cater to the diverse needs of our nation's children. We're not all one race, we're not all born in the same state, or country - we're all individuals. And our educational and homeschool products are designed to give each individual child the best selection of materials available. Public school textbooks provide a bland, homogenized experience that takes no account of your child's unique abilities. Just as tylenol doesn't treat every illness, neither will one set of books give every child the best opportunity to succeed. Caring parents know they need the right educational tools to maximize their child's opportunities in life. And we celebrate the fact that there are many awesome tools, resources, books, curriculum and supplements available to choose from!

The Deeper Shopping.com staff are Home Schoolers ourselves! We use the best Curriculums from the top publishers like, Alpha Omega Publications, and LifePac,and Bob Jones University Press. Find all your Home School Books and Curriculum in one place - Teaching supplies and Student Workbooks. To us, our homeschool books are not just a product to sell, they are products that we use in our homes everyday.

We understand that homeschool budgets are tight. We dont play around with discounts. You'll find over 12,000 top homeschool resources discounted 30% or more. Our motto is "If you paid full price - you paid too much!". Our discounts apply to all brands with the exception of a few publishers who enforce a no or limited discount policy. Where possible we give our customers crazy discounts - because we know how awesome it is to save money!

Home School Curriculum & Supplies

Christian Home School curriculum Ready to Ship! Save on awesome homeschooling books for Bible & Home Discipleship and general Christian Living. Preschool Home Schoolers? Early Learning begins with the right materials. Older students? We offer nearly 500 Electives, including 300 Texts in 8 Foreign Languages, plus several General Interest subjects like music.

Of course all the basics are here - Home School History and Geography, Home School Language Arts, Mathematics, and Home School Science. Every Grade Level is here: Grade School, Middle School and High School; even College Prep. Stick with Deeper Shopping for Home School.

Homeschooling Vs Paid Tutorials such as Kumon

Kumon tutoring for students that need help is an excellent idea. Unfortunately not everyone can afford to pay the high cost of private tuition. So what do we do when luxury tuition fees are just not in the budget? Thats when parents have the unique capacity to step into the lives of their children and help them with academic coaching. Who is going to care more for your child's education. Someone being paid hourly, or you - the parent? The awesome thing with educational resources is that there is a rich diversity of resources to choose from. Often parents seem confused at the huge selection. We tell people to think of educational resources as dishes in a grand buffet. You need to try a few until you work out what is best for your needs - and in this case what is best for the learning style of your child. Whether your child is a concrete linear learner or an abstract learner does not matter. All that matters is that you find something that you and your child can relate to.

The earlier you work with your child, the easier it will be. But it is never too late. Our God is a God of Hope, Redemption and Love. And we can all draw on those qualities when it comes to educating our children. No matter how much we feel like throwing our hands up in the air (or worse - and we've all been there!). Persisting in your child's education will ultimately yield a dividend, and when that child is grown up and successful in life you can rest knowing that you did your very best.

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