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Health & Wellness with Dr. Valerie Saxion

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Boost your health and vitality with Dr. Valerie Saxion

Boost your health and wellness with our Supplements and Resources by Dr. Valerie Saxion. Everyone wants to feel energized, maximized and satisfied with life. Don't settle for anything less than living the Vibrant and Empowered life that God intended you to have. No matter how you feel, you can be empowered to take control of your situation - and give your body the resources it needs to maximize your sense of wellness, health and vitality.

About Dr. Valerie Saxion

Dr. Valerie Saxion is an accredited doctor of Naturopathy. It is her core belief that everyone should live the empowered lifestyle that God intended them to live. Each week, Valerie emphasizes this point on her weekly television program, "Alternative Health". The program airs nationwide on various television networks including the Trinity Broadcasting Network - TBN. It's her mission, the company's duty and the ministries mandate to help hurting people, naturally and hollistically.

For over 30 years Dr. Valerie has been ministering health, wellness and healing. She believes implicitly in the body's own natural ability to deal with most common issues - provided it is given the resources it needs.

Valerie exhibits a feeling of Vitality, Longevity and Quality in everything she does. This life motto is demonstrated in the books she writes - and the message of restoration and rejuvination in the products she carefully crafts, and the messages and testimonies that she shares.

Dr. Valerie's customers are proactive about their health and enjoy her products - key resources they feel are vital to maintaining good health and well being. Since most of our natural health products are inexpensive, the majority of our audience can afford the naturopathic products reported on.

Before receiving her Doctoral degree in Naturopathy, Valerie Saxion was active in research, formulation, and sales of nutriceutical products. She maintains a lineup of 90 innovative health products that cover a wide range of health maintenance modalities, including:

Anti-Aging, Beauty, Maintaining Normal Blood Pressure, Clear Thinking, Weight Loss, Heart Healthy, Chelation, Immune Boosters, Minor Pain Release, Cleansing and Digestion, Occasional Constipation, Increased Energy, Food Supplements, Minerals, Oxygen Supplements, Books, CD's and Audio and Video Tapes.

Many of these products are accompanied by amazing testimonials regarding their beneficial effect on general health, health maintenance, and well-being. "The quality of each is unparalleled. Before each one is manufactured, every ingredient is tested to confirm it is precisely what it is believed to be and that it is of the highest quality, guaranteed. Our products are fresh and meet the definition of natural medicine. "What a customer should expect; they'll get from us", she says.

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