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Communion Supplies


Communion Cups

Communion-Communion Cup-Disposable W/Cross-1-3/8" by Swanson Frosted Cross Communion Cups - Package 500
Communion has never been so elegant and yet so sanitary! These disposable cups are one of our top communion supplies. Easy, Speedy and Affordable! The cross motif helps reinforce the reason for our communion with Christ, and His ultimate sacrifice for us.
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Wafer & Juice Sets

Celebration Cups 250- Wafer and Juice Communion Set <BR>
Serves 250 by The Compak Companies Celebration Wafer & Juice Set - Serves 250
Safe, sanitary and convenient. These all in one communion wafer & juice sets include a non alcoholic communion juice cup matched with a communion wafer.

Communion Trays

Whole Body Communion Tray Brasstone by Artistic Churchware Whole Body Communion Tray in Brasstone
Serve both your communion juice/wine and communion bread in one pass with this polished brass communion tray. Saves time and energy allowing for both communion elements to be served in a single pass. Serves 32. Also available in Silvertone as well!
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Portable Communion Sets

Portable Communion Set (Burgundy) - 24 Cups by Broadman And Holman Burgundy Portable Communion Set - Serves 24
For the pastor, deacon or missionary on the go. Perfect for hospital visits, nursing homes, shut in ministries and more. Portable communion sets provide the tradition of accepting the body and blood of Christ, while adapting to a variety of circumstances.
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Communion Bulletins

Bulletin - This Do In Remembrance of Me<BR> by Broadman & Holman Communion Church Bulletin - Pack of 100
This communion service bulletin will make your worship experience even more special with beautiful full-color artwork. Scripture verse reads: For as often as ye eat this bread, and drink this cup, ye do show the Lord's death till he come. 1 Corinthians 11:26 (KJV)
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Communion Cup Fillers

Communion Cup Filler  Wide Mouth Squeeze Bottle by Broadman And Holman Squeeze Communion Cup Filler
Filling communion cups has never been so easy. Avoid the mess and spills by using our squeezable communion cup filler. Fill, tighten the cap, and then simply squeeze the bottle to fill your cups.
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Communion Books
The Table That Speaks
The Table That Speaks
By Kenneth W. Hagin

Church Communion Supplies

From communion trays in brasstone or silvertone to portable communion sets, Christian Bibles and more - we have a wonderful selection of quality Church Supplies and supplies for church-goers! You will also find Incredible Savings on over 50,000 Christian Books, in addition to thousands of excellent Fiction Books with Christian themes and characters.

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