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Christian Action Fiction

Action Fiction

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Black Sea Affair by Brown Don
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Our Christian Action fiction collection brings you the best in Action & Adventure. While most of these titles are for Teens and Kids, we do have some great Adult action fiction. Perfect for those that like their fiction fast and furious! For more adult themed books, checkout our Mystery & Thriller section.

Bug Man Series

Nick Of Time (Bug Man Series #6) by Tim Downs Nick Of Time (Bug Man Series #6)
Tying the knot may be the toughest thing Nick Polchak has ever tried to do. Bug scientist Nick Polchak is comfortable with bugs. Now four days before his wedding he discovers that a close friend has been murdered... and in classic Nick style, begins to follow the trail. Fearing that his one-track mind won't lead him home by Saturday Alena, his fiance, goes to find him. And when she does, nothing is as expected...
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Cooper Kids Series

Mayday At Two Thousand Five Hundred (Cooper Kids Adventure V8) by Frank Peretti Mayday At Two Thousand Five Hundred
Frank Peretti, author of This Present Darkness, weaves a masterful action collection for teen & preteen audiences! Fourteen-year-old Jay Cooper is enjoying the view from his Uncle Rex's Cessna when a low-flying 757 speeds past them. Caught in its wind turbulence, their small plane is shaken violently, knocking Rex unconscious and leaving Jay blind from a head injury. A high-flying adventure emphasizing the importance of faith as Jay faces numerous unseen dangers.

Task Force Valor Series

Meltdown (Task Force Valor V3) by Holton Chuck Meltdown (Task Force Valor V3)
The global war on terror has reached catastrophic proportions, leading the U.S. Special Operations EOD team--Task Force Valor--to Chernobyl, where ghosts of past disasters are nothing compared to the nuclear nightmare about to unfold. With CIA Agent Mary "Phoenix" Walker heading her first Special Ops mission and Master Sergeant Bobby Sweeney fighting demons on and off the battlefield, Task Force Valor races to stop a terrorist threat in the Ukraine before Europe is turned into a radioactive wasteland.

Dopple Ganger Chronicles

Great Mogul Diamond (Dopple Ganger Chron V3) by Taylor G P Great Mogul Diamond (Dopple Ganger Chronicles V3)
Everything was going so well for a change. Sadie and Saskia Dopple, those troublesome twins, had been adopted by the wealthy writer and recluse Muzz Elliott. And their friend Erik Morrissey Ganger was finally on his way to becoming a full-fledged private detective. But when an anonymous note threatens someone they love, the twins are off on an express train to danger. Suddenly they find themselves awhirl in a series of crimes- and they need to find the culprit fast, or a their adopted parent will remain framed!

Uncommon Heroes Series

True Honor (Uncommon Heroes V3) by Henderson Dee True Honor (Uncommon Heroes, Book 3)
CIA officer Darcy St. James is after a man who knew September 11 would happen--a man who chose to profit from the knowledge. Navy SEAL Sam "Cougar" Houston is busy: The intelligence Darcy is generating has his team deploying around the world. Under the pressure of war, their romance flourishes. But it may be a short relationship: for the terrorists have chosen their next targets, and Darcy's name is high on the list.

Dreamhouse Kings Series

Frenzy (Dreamhouse Kings V6) by Liparulo Robert Frenzy (Dreamhouse Kings V6)
There were things that seemed odd when the Kings first moved into their new house--but things got really strange when they realized the rooms upstairs were portals to other worlds. Even though the rooms were dangerous, it still seemed fun until people starting coming into the house and Mom was kidnapped. They've been desperately searching for her, but they risk their lives every time they enter a world...

Underground Zealot Series

Shadowed (Underground Zealot Series #3) by Jerry B. Jenkins Shadowed (Underground Zealot Series #3)
After God intervenes with a miracle of global proportions, the tide is turned on international atheism and the National Peace Organization (NPO). The underground church has grown to the extent that Christians are becoming the majority. Agent Paul Stepola and his wife Jae are exposed and forced to become international fugitives. The NPO will stop at nothing to capture Paul and eliminate the underground church--until God intervenes and the final judgment is at hand.

Rayne Tour Series

Final Touch (Rayne Tour V3) by Collins Brandilyn Final Touch (Rayne Tour V3)
The day Shaley O'Conner has dreamed of all her life is shattered by a nightmare. On a lavish estate in California guarded from the media, Shaley's mom, rock star Rayne O'Connor, is marrying her teen sweetheart and Shaley's father, Gary Donovon. It's a dream come true for Shaley, who has always longed for the father she never knew. But minutes before the wedding, Shaley is kidnapped. Who is this man who has taken her-and why? A thrilling action story that will have you hanging on to the end!

Zion Covenant Series

Dunkirk Crescendo (Zion Covenant V9) by Thoene Bodie&Brock Dunkirk Crescendo (Zion Covenant V9)
As spring 1940 unfolds in Paris, war is inevitble. AP journalist Josephine Marlow is asked to undertake a dangerous journey back into the borders of the reich--just when the Fuhrer is gathering his forces for another invasion. If she is successful, a child will live. If not, he will die. And many other children, too. French colonel Andre Chardon knows that the undefeated Fuhrer will not hold back his Blitzkrieg long from France.But whom can he convince? Who will have the courage to act? And is a miracle at Dunkirk Harbor possible?

Wormling Series

Authors Blood (Wormling V5) by Jenkins/Fabry Authors Blood (Wormling V5)
Nothing special is the best way to describe Owen Reeder--at least thats what hes been told all his life. When a stranger visits his fathers bookstore, Owens ordinary life spirals out of control and right into a world he didnt even know existed. Owen believes the only gift he possesses is his ability to devour books, but he is about to be forced into a battle that will affect two worlds: his and the unknown world of the Lowlands. Dont miss the exciting conclusion to the Wormling series (Book 5, The Authors Blood).
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