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Pew Bibles

Pew Bibles

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NIV Holy Bible/Pew Bible-Brown HC by Zondervan
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ESV Pew Bible

ESV Large Print Holy Bible (Black) by English Standard ESV Large Print Pew Bible
This large print ESV Pew Bible is perfect for churches. Easy to read 12.75 point type and the easy to understand English Standard Version translation make this one of our bestselling ESV Bibles. Clean durable and sleek black hardcover presentation for years of service!
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HCSB Pew Bible

HCSB Pew Bible - Maroon<BR>
HCSB Scripture by Broadman And Holman HCSB Pew Bible - Maroon
The HCSB Pew Bible is a side-by-side, color-matched companion to the popular Baptist Hymnal, with a durable cover to withstand years of congregational use. Features a Short History of the Bible, Jesus and the Ten Commandments, Subject Index to the Old and New Testaments, and Table of Contents to Study Helps.
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KJV Pew Bible

KJV Pew & Ministry Bible-Navy HC by Zondervan KJV KJV Pew & Ministry Bible-Navy Hardcover
For churches who prefer the King James Version, this pew edition is now available in Navy, a bestselling colour for pew bibles. This quality ministry and pew bible in the King James Version is priced right for use by churches, church schools, institutions, or outreach ministries.
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NASB Pew Bible

NASB Pew Bible in Large Print Hardcover - Black by Foundation Pub NASB Pew Bible in Large Print Hardcover
5-1/4" X 8" Trim Size, Black Letter Edition, Concordance, 10 Full- page Maps. Discover the truth in the inspired Word of God by reading the New American Standard Bible. The updated edition continues the NASB's commitment to accuracy while increasing clarity and readability.
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NIV Pew Bibles

NIV Holy Bible/Pew Bible-Brown HC by Zondervan NIV Holy Bible/Pew Bible-Brown Hardcover
A reasonably priced personal-size Bible, ideal for personal use or as a quality pew Bible. Easy-to-read 9-point type, printed on high-quality durable Bible paper and features a double-column format.
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NKJV Pew Bibles

NKJV Pew & Library Bible by Nelson Bibles NKJV Pew & Library Bible in Hardcover
The NKJV Pew Bible is updated and improved, yet with the same economical price as before. A handsome typeface offers a bolder, more modern look. The NKJV translation maintains replaces archaic expressions with more contemporary language. For example: "you", instead of "thee" or "thou"; "hear" instead of "heareth".
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NRSV Pew Bibles

Holy Bible: New Revised Standard Version With The Apocrypha And The Deuterocanonical Books by Hendrickson NRSV Bible With The Apocrypha And The Deuterocanonical Books in Hardcover
Featuring an attractive and sturdy binding, this pew Bible will give years of dependable service. It's also designed to lie flatter when opened---so it's more comfortable to hold and won't spring shut like a cheaper binding. Larger 9 point typesize for easy reading. * Superior quality at an unbeatable price
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Catholic Pew Bibles

GNT Catholic Bible-Latin Vulgate (Imprimatur)-Hard by Amer Bible Society Good News Catholic Bible (Vulgate) in Hardcover
A Good News Translation Bible that fully integrates the Deuterocanonical Books used by Roman Catholics within the Old Testament, sequenced according to the Latin Vulgate order. Key Features: Imprimatur of the Roman Catholic Church, & helpful introductions to each book.
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