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CEV Bibles

CEV Bible

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CEV Learning Bible - Hardcover by CEV
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Large Print CEV Bible

CEV Easy Reading Bible/Giant Print-SC by CEV CEV Easy Reading Giant Print Bible
Our awesome 14 point CEV Bible is easy for everyone to read! In a multipurpose, economical paperback format, this Bible is a good-quality, low-cost Bible. Suitable for a wide variety of purposes, at home, in church or in outreach ministry.

CEV Audio Bible

CEV Kids Dramatized New Testament Audio Bible (15 CD)-Red Case by Multiple Voices CEV Kids Dramatized New Testament Audio Bible
Here is the entire dramatized New Testament, digitally recorded with outstanding sound effects on 15 multicolored CDs in the easy-to-understand Contemporary English Version. Included are 100 Best Loved Kid's Songs, strategically placed to enhance Scripture. For Ages 3-12.
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CEV New Testament

Surfer's New Testament-Cev by American Bible Surfers New Testament CEV Bible
The reknown clarity of the Contemporary English Version, the mobility of a New Testament, and the appeal of a surfer theme make this the perfect Bible to pack into your teen's luggage for reading on their school trips, summer break and family vacations!

CEV Seek Find Bible

CEV Seek Find Bible/Large Print-HC by Amer Bible Society CEV Seek Find Large Print Bible in Hardcover
The CEV is a serious translation-not a paraphrase-combining historical and scholarly accuracy with contemporary language that everyone can understand. Here is a Bible that speaks to all people, wherever they might be on their spiritual journey!
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CEV Study Bible

CEV Essential Study Bible-HC by American Bible Society CEV Study Bible in Hardcover
From the American Bible Society, features the full text of the Contemporary English Version of the Bible--the most reliable, readable, and relevant translation on the market today. Includes essential background information to further understanding of the Bible.
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Kid's CEV Bible

CEV Illustrated Childrens Bible-HC by CEV CEV Illustrated Children's Bible in Hardcover
The Illustrated Children's Bible has a unique format great for today's families. It combines the modern CEV (Contemporary English Version) translation with more than 600 historically accurate illustrations throughout its 1728 pages. There is no other Bible edition like it!
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Catholic CEV Bible

Holy Bible with Deuterocanonicals/Apocrypha by Amer Bible Society Holy Bible with Deuterocanonicals & Apocrypha
This awesome Bible is perfect for younger readers. Complete with all books of the Catholic Bible it features the text of the Contemporary English Version (CEV) for maximum clarity and ease of reading.
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Watch Word Bible

The Watch Word Bible by Don Wadsworth Watch Word DVD Bible
Over ten years in the making, The WatchWORD Bible presents the entire New Testament word for word on video. It's a remarkable new art form for the information age: You watch it, read it and hear it all at once! Read and hear the CEV Bible as never before!
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Contemporary English Version Bible

The American Bible Society created the CEV Bible to reach an audience that had not, or did not regularly read the Bible. CEV stands for Contemporary English Version - and from the beginning the true purpose of this translation was to be easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to access. Using everyday regular English that readers are already familiar with, the CEV is a straight forward, no nonsense, solid Bible translation. With versions available for all age groups, you will find Adult versions, Teen versions and Children's versions. All bearing the same hallmark of the CEV - easy reading.

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