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Amplified Bible

Amplified Bible

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Amplified Everyday Life Bible-HC by Joyce Meyer
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Amplified Audio Bible

Amplified Bible Audio New Testament (20 CD) by Stevens Steven Amplified Bible Audio New Testament
Finally, the bible people have been asking for is now in audio format. Do you hunger for more intimacy with your Heavenly Father? Are you seeking a deeper understanding of His Word? Features the complete New Testament is an accurate word-for-word reading in 20 digitally mastered CDs.
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Amplified Everyday Life Bible

Amplified Everyday Life Bible-Pink/Expresso Bond by Joyce Meyer Amplified Everyday Life Bible in Pink Leather
Inside the pages of the Everyday Life Bible, readers will experience the opportunity to study Scripture as never before, chapter by chapter and precept by precept. Learn more and share this new understanding with family and friends in a practical and down-to-earth manner.
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Amplified New Testament

Amplified Pocket-Thin New Testament-Softcover by Zondervan Amplified New Testament
The unique system of punctuation, italics, and references from the Amplified Bible, in a pocket-size New Testament edition. This new thin-line pocket-size New Testament edition of the Amplified Bible makes it easy to carry anywhere.
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Amplified Parallel Bible

KJV/Amplified Parallel Bible/Large Print Bonded Leather by Zondervan KJV/Amplified Parallel Bible Large Print
A readable, user-friendly LARGE PRINT KJV Amplified Parallel Bible. The historic KJV and the popular Amplified translations side-by-side. Now this amazing Amplified Parallel Bible comes in the largest print ever - 10 points!

KJV Amplified Parallel Bible

Parallel Bible - KJV/Amplified Black Bonded Leather by Zondervan KJV/Amplified Parallel Bible in Bonded Leather
Our most popular KJV Amplified Parallel Bible ever! Allows easy comparison of the historic standard King James Version and the popular Amplified Bible. Features an abridged King James Version concordance and the abridged Amplified Bible concordance.

Large Print Amplified Bibles

Amplified Bible/Large Print in Hardcover by Zondervan Large Print Amplified Bible in Hardcover
Our largest print Amplified Bible comes in an easy to read 12 point size. Breeze through bible studies without having to squint through bleary eyes!! This is the largest print for an Amplified Bible.
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Leather Amplified Bible

Amplified Everyday Life Bible-Pewter/Graphite Bonded Leather by Joyce Meyer Everyday Life Bible in Graphite Leather
Inspired by the hand-tooled leathers of 19th Century Venice, the detailed filigree pattern is defined and enhanced with enormous plate-embossing molds. This creates a bonded leather grain that is tactile, not just visual!

NASB Amplified Parallel Bible

NASB/Amplified Parallel Bible-Black Bonded Leather by NASB Scripture NASB Amplified Parallel Bible in Black Bonded Leather
By comparing the precise NASB with the magnified sentence structure of the Amplified Bible, readers are better able to appreciate the meaning of the scriptures as understood by their audience in the original languages.
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NKJV Amplified Parallel Bible

NKJV/Amplified Parallel Bible-Hardcover by Hendrickson NKJV Amplified Parallel Bible in Hardcover
Bible study leaders, Scripture students, preachers, and people curious to see their favorite biblical texts in different translations will benefit from this volume. Verses from both the NKJV and the Amplified Bible appear side-by-side, making for easy comparison.
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Compact & Pocket Amplified Bible

Compact Amplified Bible  by Zondervan Compact Amplified Bible in softcover
The popular Amplified version, now available in a convenient, affordable Paperback edition. Perfect for the backpack, the student locker, the Youth Ministry, or the glovebox of the car! The easy to handle and very affordable Amplified Bible is for you.
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Amplified Bible Guides

The Amplified Bible Online

No other Bible comes close to its ability to unlock deeper meaning and nuances of understanding from the original Greek and Hebrew Texts. The Amplified Bible brings the Holy Scriptures to life - revealing to the reader a superior understanding of the author's words and their intent. Written in a clear and easy to read modern english, the Amplified Bible is the perfect balance of readability and teaching.

When comparing the Amplified Bible Translation to the Message Bible Translation, you will find that the Message Bible is far more of a paraphrase than the Amplified. The Amplified follows true to the original texts, and then adds brackets with additional words that help you gain an exact insight into the meaning of the author. For this reason, those who are seeking a solid understanding without resorting to a paraphrase will find the Amplified to be a perfect choice.

The following verse - Genesis 1:1 - shows how the Amplified Bible Translation improves the clarity of the translation through the use of added words in brackets :

  • IN THE beginning God (prepared, formed, fashioned, and) created the heavens and the earth.

As you can see, the reader gets a better knowledge as to what was intended when the author wrote the original Hebrew. The Amplified Translation always puts brackets around the additional words so that you can see what is added for the sake of improving your reading experience. No matter what your preferred translation is, adding an Amplified Bible into your collection will allow you to reread key sections of scripture to extract a deeper revelation of God's Word.

The Amplified Bible

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